Camping Season is Almost Here!

Camping Glamping Journal

Whether you tent camp or "glamp", wouldn't you just LOVE to have a tool to help you plan the destination, what to pack, what campground or national parks you'd like to visit?

What about all of those miles and gallons of gas you've used?
Last but not least, how about some fun games along the way?

Being avid campers ourselves, we brainstormed throughout our camping trips, along with some help of other campers, to create a list of must-have items in a camping journal and log.

We didn't want to just log boring details, but to really have something to reflect on some important information and memories for another camping trip, or a tour down memory lane.

This journal is 80 pages, jam packed with so many different types of prompts for amenities, lists and games, that really make you want to fill it out!
You can purchase it from our online shop or on Amazon.

When it's all said and done and you've filled out every page, keep it as a coffee table book and look back over your experiences.

Here's What's Included:
Camper Detail Profile (License Plate info, etc.)
• Introduction Page
• Packing List Guide
• Bucket List of Places You Want to See
• Map of Where You've Been (With Stickers!!)
• 30 Detailed Campground Logs (place for a photo & other memories)
• 8 Pages of Mileage and Fuel Logs
• Section for extra notes
• Location Mark Shaped Paperclip

To top it off, it's wire bound for 360º page turning!

Spring is near (even the groundhog said so), and we are so excited for campers to get their hands on this before you get to planning and packing!

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Adventures in Camping Journal

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Adventures in Camping Journal on Amazon

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