Are You a Crafter?

I've met so many crafters and makers in the past year, it's really been eye opening, to see how many skilled and creative people there are that don't necessarily have an art degree or 15 years of professional experience. There are so many types of projects, from rustic wood signage to vinyl decals, jewelry, plush toys and clothing. They all seem to be so far from each other as far as technique and skill, but many require the use of stencils, silhouettes and cutting machines.

When I first purchased my silhouette cutter, I knew there were various uses for it, but primarily vinyl, cardstock, etc. Little did I know that I could engrave with it, create preforated lines, emboss and so much more. I learned that not everyone had an interest in learning how to create their own artwork for theses projects, instead wanting to focus on the final piece structure.

While I love decals and seeing the pictures of where my customers have proudly placed them, I started tapping into the part that I truely burn for.... creating the silhouette artwork. I get to fulfill my desire to design, the crafters have access to an array of options for their handmade goods, Win, Win.

So, if you fit in this category, I'd like to invite you to browse through my collection of silhouette artwork. I provide .eps, .svg, .png and .dxf file formats so you have what you need, regardless of the software or machine you're using.

You can find a few of them here on this site:

Or you can also see a larger selection on my Etsy site:

Happy Crafting!

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