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As we're in the midst of the Christmas Season, I find that the desire for marketing and branding materials has definitely taken a back seat to the planning & preperation of Christmas and everything that entails. Makes sense, right? Of course it does, as I'm also doing the same thing, shamelessy shopping on Amazon and Etsy for gifts that I have yet to wrap.... Whoops.

I decided to take what I love to do and create something a littler personal and a little more relevant to the time of year.
What is that, you ask? Gift Tags, Greeting Cards & Gift Card Holders! One thing I dislike, is when I run out of gift tags, right in the middle of my heavy wrapping (not including my 90's hip hop solos) session.
If I even have the drive or the time to run to the store, chances are, I won't find enough of the same tags, or I've bought too many and then next year have a mismatch of tags that I don't feel go together.
This is why I created printable tags that you can print out as needed, as many times as you like! You can print them on sticker paper, cardstock, whatever you want!
I've created a listing that has a variety of styles for the adults, rustic fans and even the kiddos.

Find it here >>> Printable Christmas Gift Tags

Or Pin it for later

Next Up! Teacher Gifts From The Kiddos! Oh and don't forget for your friendly service workers, mailman, etc.
I am terrible about remembering gifts for all of these wonderful people. It's not because I don't care, but because life gets busy and if I don't see them for 6+ hours in a given day.... then I may forget to run to the store for something nice, or the "I will make them this amazing personalized gift" moment.... which, let's be honest.... 5 stars for the generous idea, but 1 star for having the time to do it, womp womp....
I love to keep these gift card holer templates handy so I can quickly print one out before I run out the door on the last morning before my kiddos go into winter break.... Oh yeah, I'm that mom. Print a gift card off from starbucks or panera, I may even "recycle" one of the ones we've been given, as a last ditch effort. Thanks Mom, : /

So, if you constantly find yourself "here" (welcome, we've been waiting for you), go ahead and check these out! If you don't find one you like, send me a message and we'll get you taken care of.

Find them here >>> Gift Card Holders

Or Pin it for later

So that's it for today's chaos, but check back as I try to make your life more managable, by trial and error ; )

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